Primary school in Čachovice

In the building of the primary school in the municipality of Čachovice, we replaced the source for light fuel oils with biomass boilers for pellets. The reduced costs of heating the school will help it to buy other important things every year!

Original state

The school used two boilers for light fuel oils with a power output of 300 kW for heat production. The boiler room was located in the basement of the main building. The fuel depot for light heating oils was placed next to the engine room in the neighbouring rooms. Due to the fuel used, the operation and production of the heat were very expensive.

Original state

A new solution from IVORY Energy

We have replaced the existing oil farms with two high-end biomass boilers for wood pellets with a total output of 202 kW. We placed the central twenty-eight fuel tank on the premises of the original fuel depot for light heating oils. We did the reconstruction of the heating system in the heating season during the full operation of the school using a mobile container boiler room for wood pellets, which in the transitional period replaced the permanent source.

A new solution from IVORY Energy


The installation of a new modern heat source has brought about 20% savings in thermal energy costs for school founders, the municipality of Čachovice, without the need to use any funds from the municipal budget.


Case study

Case study for consultation


202 kW

Installed power source

1000 GJ

Annual volume of heat supplied

20 %

Cost savings as against the original solution


Amount of investment made by IVORY Energy

“The solution from IVORY Energy allowed us to invest in the further development of the primary school, of which we are very proud in the village.”
Jitka Sluková
mayor of the municipality


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