Construction of central heating supply in the municipality of Kovářská

The municipality of Kovářská needed a complete reconstruction of central heat supply. We replaced the non-economic and outdated system for the combustion of light fuel oils with a modern biomass boiler for wood pellets.

Original state

The original central boiler room worked with four obsolete oil boilers with a total output of 4 MW and several decades of supplies of heat and hot service water for thirteen buildings (a total of 250 apartments) and non-residential character (nursery, municipal office, mountain guesthouse, sports ground).

Original state

A new solution from IVORY Energy

Our goal was to create an efficient and economically functioning central heating supply, in addition to being environmentally friendly. We replaced the obsolete and expensive system for the combustion of light fuel oils with a source of wood biomass. As part of the reconstruction, we removed two 2 x 1 MW oil boilers and replaced them with one top biomass boiler for 1 MW of wood pellets. Two more preserved oil boilers remained as a backup. We placed the central eighty-ton fuel tank on the premises of the original light heating oil storage facility.

A new solution from IVORY Energy


The price of heat for the inhabitants of the town of Kovářská and the municipal buildings has been reduced by almost 25% thanks to the comprehensive IVORY Energy solution, without any investment on the part of the municipality or its inhabitants.


Case study

Case study for consultation


1000 kW

Installed power source

14000 GJ

Annual volume of heat supplied

25 %

Cost savings as against the original solution

13500000 CZK

Amount of investment made by IVORY Energy

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“Thanks to the new boiler room, the inhabitants of the housing estate have a few extra crowns in their wallets. The municipality can modernize and beautify things thanks to the budget savings. The reconstruction untied our hands in terms of investment possibilities.”
Milan Duháň
mayor of the municipality


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