Apartment buildings in Solenice

We solved the problem of disconnection of three apartment houses in the municipality of Solenice from the central one by the installation of biomass boiler rooms burning wooden pellets in the basements of individual buildings. Our aim was not only to ensure reliable and ecological heating, but also to save money. And succeed we did!”

Original state

The heat supply in the village was ensured by the production of thermal energy in the central source for light fuel oils. Due to the overcapacity of the boiler room and the distribution systems – and hence the high loss of heat – for many customers the annual cost of heat had been intolerable and had resulted in a loss of confidence in the central heating supply.

Original state

A new solution from IVORY Energy

The inefficient supply of heat from the central heat supply we replaced by the construction of house boiler rooms on wood pellets placed in unused spaces in the basements of the individual buildings. There were three identical domestic boiler rooms, based on high-end pellet boilers with a power of 2 x 50 kW and a fuel storage facility of 6 tons, enabling efficient supplies from the street using a modern certified tank. Our solutions covered the design of the technical solution, the project, the financing, and the subsequent operation of the domestic boiler rooms.

A new solution from IVORY Energy


Thanks to the comprehensive IVORY Energy solution, the price of heat for the inhabitants of residential units has been reduced by almost 40%, without any investment by the owners of the apartments.


Case study

Case study for consultation


300 kW

Installed power source

1600 GJ

Annual volume of heat supplied

37 %

Cost savings as against the original solution

3000000 CZK

Amount of investment made by IVORY Energy

SVJ Solenice - po rekonstrukci2.JPG
"The savings reached almost 40% as against the original situation, we know practically nothing about the boiler room in the cellar, the fuel supply lasts more than a month."
Jaromír Vápeník
President of the apartment owner’s association


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