Reconstruction of the system of central heating supply in Roztoky near Křivoklát

Dirt and coal-dust were replaced with wood biomass. We rearranged the manual coal boiler, which did not meet stricter emission limits, to a modern automatic boiler house on wood chips. The project of reconstruction of the central supply system in Roztoky near Křivoklát is co-financed by the European Union.

Original state

The original coal boiler room served as a central source for heating and hot water preparation. Specifically, it served the buildings of a primary school, nursery school, store, town hall and 15 residential houses. The boiler room was equipped with four coal boilers with a power of 3 MW. It was a non-automatic combustion plant, with manual coal-burning that did not meet the new stringent emission limits.

Original state

A new solution from IVORY Energy

The reconstruction of the central heating and water heating system was done in two stages. At their end, a boiler room for wood biomass with a total output of 800 kW with automatic operation meets the most stringent emission limits. The first stage consisted in the removal of the boiler room and the dismantling of the original technology. In total, almost 25 tons of waste were transported. The machinery was replaced with a combination of the main boiler with a power output of 500 kW inside the boiler room and mobile biomass mini-heating plant of 300 kW. We have also modernized the measurement and regulation system together with 20 transfer stations. In the second phase we disconnected the transient mobile mini-heating plant and we placed the entire installation including the fuel warehouse in the building of the original boiler room.

A new solution from IVORY Energy


We helped the municipality with a comprehensive solution to solve a thorny problem with a central heat source that did not meet the new stringent emission limits and was not serviceable in the current situation. In addition to some cost savings for heat, the new automatic source for wood biomass will contribute to the improvement of the environment in the municipality, without any financial participation from the local government or the locals.


Case study

Case study for consultation


800 kW

Installed power source

7000 GJ

Annual volume of heat supplied

5 %

Cost savings as against the original solution

13500000 czk

Amount of investment made by IVORY Energy

“The original central boiler plant for coal was obsolete and its operation had become unsustainable. Therefore, together with the councillors, we decided to replace the central source of heat. In the final, we agreed with IVORY Energy, who were the only ones able to completely fulfil our ideas and without a financial participation from the municipality, to rebuild our boiler room as a modern and clean source of heat.”
Ing. Lenka Peterková
mayor of the municipality


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