Nový Knín housing estate

We replaced the obsolete and uneconomical system of two domestic boiler rooms for light fuel oils with a single central source of heat on wood biomass. Thanks to the wood pellets we managed to find a more economical solution that is also environmentally friendly.

Original state

The production of heat and the heating of water was done by a system of two in-house boiler rooms for light fuel oils (diesel) on the local housing estate. Oil boilers no longer meet current environmental and economic standards and have been nearing the end of their service life. Due to these factors, the price of heat was very high. A shortage of funds prevented the housing estate residents from a thoroughgoing modernization of the heating system and the achievement of the desired savings.

Original state

A new solution from IVORY Energy

The primary task was to design a new heat source to fit the available space, to offer more economical heat production and to be more environmentally friendly. In view of these requirements, we chose a biomass solution, namely boilers for wood pellets. We replaced the original two boiler rooms with one central source, which was placed in the larger of the two boiler rooms. The originally separate systems were connected by a heat exchanger. The required heat source power was distributed in a cascade of three boilers with a total output of 400 kW. The boilers are supplied with pellets by an automatic feeder from a silo, which was placed directly into the space of the boiler room in the house. The delivery of pellets is done by a certified tank, which delivers them into the reservoir through a conveyor, which is on the exterior façade of the boiler room.

A new solution from IVORY Energy


The new central boiler room on wood pellets meets all today's standards and contributes to a better atmosphere on the housing estate in Nový Knín. Moreover, it has brought the inhabitants savings of almost 20% for the heat.


Case study

Case study for consultation


400 kW

Installed power source

4000 GJ

Annual volume of heat supplied

20 %

Cost savings as against the original solution


Amount of investment made by IVORY Energy

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“Convincing the inhabitants of the housing estate was not easy. Most feared radical changes and were naturally afraid of the new technology. However, the IVORY Energy approach and in particular the outcome of the entire reconstruction confirmed that the decisions we adopted together were correct.”
Ing. Tomáš Havlíček
Cost savings as against the original solution


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