IVORY energy


Nový Knín housing estate

We replaced the obsolete and uneconomical system of two domestic boiler rooms for light fuel oils with a single central source of heat on wood biomass. Thanks to the wood pellets we managed to find a more economical solution that is also environmentally friendly.

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Primary school in Čachovice

In the building of the primary school in the municipality of Čachovice, we replaced the source for light fuel oils with biomass boilers for pellets. The reduced costs of heating the school will help it to buy other important things every year!

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Reconstruction of the system of central heating supply in Roztoky near Křivoklát

Dirt and coal-dust were replaced with wood biomass. We rearranged the manual coal boiler, which did not meet stricter emission limits, to a modern automatic boiler house on wood chips. The project of reconstruction of the central supply system in Roztoky near Křivoklát is co-financed by the European Union.

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Construction of central heating supply in the municipality of Kovářská

The municipality of Kovářská needed a complete reconstruction of central heat supply. We replaced the non-economic and outdated system for the combustion of light fuel oils with a modern biomass boiler for wood pellets.

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Apartment buildings in Solenice

We solved the problem of disconnection of three apartment houses in the municipality of Solenice from the central one by the installation of biomass boiler rooms burning wooden pellets in the basements of individual buildings. Our aim was not only to ensure reliable and ecological heating, but also to save money. And succeed we did!”

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Retirement home in Hostomice-Zátor

For the retirement home in the municipality of Hostomice-Zátor, we designed and built a worthy successor for the retired coke boiler: a biomass container mini-heating plant.

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